Tuesday, 3 May 2016

An inconsistency in evolutionary logic …

Scenario 1

NASA launches a manned spacecraft to Mars.  It safely lands on the Martian landscape, and the astronauts exit the ship.  Upon exploration, they find, hidden in a wide crevice, what appears to be something resembling an horse drawn carriage.  Four twelve spoked wheels, a nice spring suspension, a robust frame held together with nails, and a canopy and a seat.  The entire construct is painted a royal yellow with some form of inscription on the side. 

What would the scientists conclude from this discovery?  It’s evident that something intelligent made this buggy, no one would be so dimwitted to suggest otherwise.  The discovery would be applauded as unshakable evidence that life exists on Mars:  Intelligent life (aliens) capable of constructing crude vehicles.  Something as complex as a carriage demands a carriage maker. 

Scenario 2

As in the first scenario, NASA lands a manned spacecraft on Mars and explores the landscape.  This time however, instead of a carriage they discover an horse like creature.  A living, breathing animal with four legs, two eyes, an hairy tail and mane, a digestive system, a nervous system, an endocrine system, a reproductive system, a circulatory system, and all the nuances of life as we understand it. 

What would the scientists conclude from this discovery?  Seeing a living creature on a different planet, they would herald this as proof that animals have evolved elsewhere in the universe.  That when the appropriate amount of time had transpired with the given assortment of elements, that random recombinations of subatomic structures would increase in complexity in till the inevitable creation of an horse creature.  Every newspaper would report this breakthrough and atheists would jeer in glee.

Yet no one would suggest that a carriage could be created in this way.  Real life experience tells us this is impossible.  In fact, the laws of thermodynamics tell us this is impossible.  Or, without the jargon, the proven laws of science tell us this is impossible.  A tornado can never blow an house together.  It blows them apart.  This is common sense and old school science.  A carriage cannot be created by random processes, no matter how much time has transpired.  Yet an horse is trillions of times more complex than a carriage:  And is governed by the same rules of nature and physics.  There is a logical inconsistency in the way that evolutionists view these processes.  They have a desire to contend with the simple reality we witness around us, and reinterpret it in a way to enforce something they wish to believe, yet which does not support the facts.

Despite this evident truth, we are told that life evolved on earth.  Nothing about this pronouncement differs from the hypothetical scenarios.  Yet those within the evolutionary vein of thought seem to think that they possess an higher intellectual standing than those who doubt it.  Despite the fact, that even a child is capable of understanding their folly and seeing that a carriage needs a carriage maker, and that an horse needs an horse maker.  That the complexity of the design and the impossibility of the assembly requires an Architect, an Engineer, an intelligent Maker, … it requires God.

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