Ideas are like parasitic stagworms*.  When we are exposed to them, they enter our head as tiny larval thoughts. Once inside, they move to the base of our tongue and bide their time. When full maturity is reached, they spew forth from our mouths to infect others. And the life cycle continues ...

*(deer nosebot larvae)

The Nosebot Press:  Seeing the compounded world through compound eyes and conveying Horsefly Horse-sense.

A place for equipping (apologetics), healing (the gospel), analyzing (ripping cults and false teachers), learning (theology and biblical studies), and an arse kicking if you need it. All to God's glory. I also touch on politics, science, software, and pretty much anything else that tickles my fancy (and hopefully tickles yours). Articles come in two flavours: most are written in a language for the grounded Christian (Church speak), but others adopt a more worldly form of expression for the potential Christian (non-Church speak). I endevour to communicate in a language people can readily understand, and to tackle topics that have cultural relevance, even if the topic matter isn't always for polite society :).


All contributors will retain their full rights on their content. Links directing to your page can be provided here as well. So feel free to submit what God has put on your heart to the email below (Please no double posted content. Google detects that and will penalize both our pages in their search engine. There are ways around this, so let me know :) ). God bless.

I also dabble in software reviews.

Mr. Nosebot

Studied Zoology and Theology at graduate level. A biologist in a past life ...


A teen Minecraft enthusiast.

Jill Marie Storm (whom i shall call Mrs. Fantastic!!)

Jill has been contributing her writings (opinion, fiction and nonfiction) to various print newspapers and magazines since 1999. This is her first on-line article. She sang on her church's worship team for four straight years until becoming a mother. Her ministry now isn't about what she can do. Rather it's about raising her kids entrenched in God's undying love. Jill lives in South Florida with her husband, son and daughter.

Nosebot note: The "Invisible Girl", of the marvel team the "Fantastic Four", is married to Mr. Fantastic (the stretchy guy). And her surname is `Storm', or Mrs. Storm. Henceforth, I shall regard Jill as Mrs. Fantastic ... which fits :)

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