Saturday, 14 May 2016

Hints and warnings – God’s voice through others

It’s interesting how God can jar you from your stupor and remind you that He is shaping events.  We know that He’s involved in our daily circumstance, yet I am awe stricken upon the reception of direct communication.  This month two of His children had the privilege to rattle my moorings with spoken words; Rattled by the blessed acknowledgement that He chose to include me in on an aspect of His itinerary.  The first was a sister that needed a spiritual hug. As we have all had the disprivilege of meandering through the `valley of the shadow of death’, she was currently trudging through this tired old path. I offered her my usual encouragement and direction by pointing her towards the holy mount. Yet she startled me by telling me God had revealed to her that I would be her “mentor”. This has never occurred to me before. God had told her I would disciple her. There’s something beautiful about that, and yet subtly terrifying: To be entrusted with a task, revealed through the Spirit’s good pleasure. It should not be taken lightly. And I pray I do not get in the way of accomplishing what God’s intentions are.

I have another sister who has dreams. Together, we have regarded these sleeping visualizations with careful consideration, as a spiritual tether is apparent in their projection. They offer guidance and warnings and have vivid imagery. Interestingly, she does not readily grasp the content presented, as it at times appears hidden from her. Yet those dreams (which she has entrusted to my ears) speak forceful and clear declarations for her life. Again, this is an oddity to me: To consider troubling dreams. I am not one who easily accepts this assumption. I believe it is possible, but am extraordinarily cautious of fallaciously inflating REM-ful speculation into her dreamy state. Yet I see the Spirit’s fingers in her sopor.

Given this infrastructure, I was again stung with a spiritual taser. While discussing a misunderstanding my sister offered me an analogy to illustrate her mind's canvas. Yet, she chose a new dream to illustrate her picture for me. The dream bothered her, for it had an ugly creature hiding in the shadows in her home. The creature disgusted her, and it spent its time ensnaring flies, sucking their life energy out, and discarding their hollow chitinous shells. She took this dream at face value, an unsettling dream of no importance - Just a dream. Yet, to me, it resonated. The Lord, perhaps, was speaking to me with human lips. Odd as this may seem, my profile picture is a fly. My profile name is a fly. She met me as a fly and still likes to refer to me by my fly name.  Needless to say, it caught my attention. And then the dynamic: an hidden demon was attacking and trying to kill the fly. I must admit, I was not jubilant with this dark prospect. My first impression was a coming demonic trial. I have had those before, and wished to avoid them. I sadly moaned to her sarcastically, “lovely”. Personally, my life has been enshrouded in the trials of Job. I have suspected, of late, a demonic source, but was not enthusiastic with the possibility of an escalation of trial. I mulled the dream and contemplated it in prayer. And my understanding has begun to shift. I am unsure if an exponential increase is truly foreboding, and attempting to materialize. For I had become so captivated with the beginning of the dream, that I superciliously skimmed the end. While the demon lurched in the dark corner of her home, trying to suck the life force from the fly, my sister realized her humanity and inability to purge it. So she petitioned her father, who came over and killed it. Her father, God the Father squished the demon, saving the fly. I thank the Lord for an encouraging word, spoken with a sister’s lips.

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