Friday, 12 June 2015

Mr. T - Strength in God.

Hollywood is a spiritual wasteland and a distributor of moral decay.  So I am always pleasantly surprised when I see a man strong enough to proclaim God in these badlands. `Strong' is a good descriptor for Mr. T.  He is known for being a strongman.  I just never realized that his true strength was spiritual.  I used to love watching him on the A-Team.  I think it’s fair to state he has the best sneer in the business.  In fact, I’d give him an Academy Award for it.  Yet beneath his rough and gruff persona is an heart attuned to God.   

Hollywood’s a tough place to hold your faith.  The temptations are on an heightened scale for the A-Listers.  Satan’s adherents are very active there, trying to destroy Christian role-models that might proselyte the un-reached.  Money and fame are synonymous with corrupting power.  Jezebel, the spiritual bane of men, has a thousand forms that try to seduce and ensnare.  Drugs float around like dandelion fuzz, always within reach.  Christian casualties are seen everywhere and need our prayers.  Miley Cyrus isn’t a wrecking ball, she’s a train wreck.  Justin Bieber is in a perpetual spiritual hurricane that barrages his foundation.  Katie Perry may already be lost.  The minister’s daughter has affirmed that she still believes in god, but seems ambiguous about which one?  Pray for them.  They are not necessarily lost, just deluged.  They need a role model like Mr. T.  He’s been there and done that, and he knew whence his strength came from.

I recently had the joy to stumble upon Mr. T giving his testimony.  The fact that he has a `testimony’ is indicative of his roots, for `testimony’ is Church jargon.  Within it, my Godly brother is straight forward and forthcoming.  He confesses that he is a sinner and that God’s grace has given him a platform to proclaim his faith.  He attests the importance of family role models and exhorts all parents by his parent’s Godly example.  He affirms the importance of studying Scripture and his desire to know God’s Word.  Biblically, he has a “yearn to learn”.  He even re-phrases the Golden Rule to have relevance for today’s youth:  “Respect people”.  I applaud the courage and strength he exhibits to stand for God.  And I pity the fool who doesn’t listen to him.

Picture used with permission from jollyfun at DeviantArt.

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