Monday, 20 April 2015

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium verses Iobit's Malware Fighter 3 Pro. Tested.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium verses Iobit Malware Fighter 3 Pro - Tested.  Who's better?

I've been test driving the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro verses the Iobit Malware Fighter 3 Pro to see which is better.  Both are being run on different Windows 7 computers (without the other being installed with it on the same system).  Preliminary testing has given a little insight to which is more effective.  On the system with Iobit Malware Fighter 3 Pro installed, I mucked around on the net a bit.  The real time shields detected nothing.  I then preformed a demand scan, and found nothing.  I then downloaded the free version of Malwarebytes (because the Premium version was on my other computer) and preformed a demand scan.  It found 5 detections that Iobit missed.  All were subsequently cleaned.  

Scan.  Iobit 0 detections., Malwarebytes 5 detections.

My second test was straight forward.  I have a freeware program that I like to use which frequently updates.  However, when it updates it likes to bundle adware/PUPs with it.  So I downloaded the bundled adware onto both systems and installed it.  
Malwarebytes detected the adware `opencandy’ during the installation process and cleaned it, allowing the installation of my wanted freeware to continue without the bundled `infection’.

Malware Fighter 3 Pro detected nothing.  

In my last test, in the safety of a sandbox, I ventured to some malicious sites.  Malwarebytes blocked my entry to several of the sites.  Malware Fighter 3 Pro's "Network Guard"  failed to detect any `bad' websites and permitted me to enter them without warning.

Perhaps it was coincidental, seeing as my sample sizes are minuscule.  But all tests were clearly won by the same product.  I am not a professional testing lab with time and capital backing me, only an individual trying to personally evaluate the effectiveness of these competitors that want my money. And given that all 3 tests were cleanly won by the same product, I have to affirm what the data declares: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is the easy winner and better product in my tests.

Supplementary:  During my test drive of Malware Fighter 3 Pro, something odd happened.  After a couple of months of use, my system became sluggish.  To my surprise, Malware Fighter 3 Pro had decided to install a bunch of Iobit software onto my system.  The Iobit Update Driver software (Driver Booster) was installed and running a scan in the background.  Advanced System Care and Smart defrag were in the process of downloading and installing.  All 3 programs were being installed without my knowledge or interaction or consent.  And my system performance was significantly impacted.  I uninstalled Iobit's surprises but am at a lose as to why they would seemingly try to sneak them onto my system.  Poor form on the part of Malware Fighter 3 Pro.  This is the type of behavior I installed these 2 products to help protect against.  Not to dump hidden payloads onto my system.  The irony is staggering.

What is opencandy? 

Type: Potentially Unwanted App.  Microsoft calls it Adware:Win32
Infection Length: Varies.  Risk Impact: Low
Systems Affected:   Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

OpenCandy is a potentially unwanted application that includes offers for additional third-party applications during the installation process of legitimate applications.

Test systems.  Windows 7 home.  One an I7 and the other an I3.
I own Malwarebytes Pro and had won Malware Fighter 3 Pro from a contest. 


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