Friday, 13 February 2015

Potions - Minecraft Kool-Aid

Potions are a fun thing to use in Minecraft. Except for the fact that they are SO EXPENSIVE!!!!! Lucky for me, I figured out an easy way to get gold to craft golden carrots, glistening melons, and golden apples (golden apples aren't used in brewing, but boy are they useful!). All you have to do is go into the nether and fight ZOMBIE PIGMEN. I know they might be a little too strong for you, but all you really have to do is bring 3 blocks into the nether. Then find a ton of zombie pigmen. Go into the middle of the hordes, but whatever you do DO NOT HIT THEM until you place the three blocks. Preferably, do the Jump-Place method. After that, swing your weapon at them, but DO NOT FALL OFF THE PILLAR!!!!! After you kill the rest of the pigmen, get off the pillar and grab the loots and exp.


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