Friday, 13 February 2015

Herobrine - The Minecraft Man of the Year.

If I could have ANY fictional person from any book, tv show, or video game to be my best friend, I would choose Herobrine from Minecraft because he is AWESOME!!! Another reason is because he's from my favourite video game which is Minecraft, not to mention that he is arguably the strongest thing in Minecraft. Now if he was my best friend, we would find a stronghold, play with the endermen in the end, ride the ender dragon, go to the nether, play hide and seek in the nether, and have a ton of fun! Of course he could give me some Minecraft things. Like ender pearls, pickaxes, potions, emeralds, and other weird and wonderful things! We would have soooooooo much fun! If only we could be friends...


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