Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How to run Minecraft when Java update fails (1603 or some stupid error)

I’ve had this problem the last 2 times I’ve updated my java run time environment.  And both times was a serious headache.  First, it wouldn’t update through java itself.  Second, I went to java and tried their installer … which failed.  Third, I downloaded their offline versions (both for 32 and 64 bit) and tried multiple times to install … and always the same, it failed to install.  I disabled my antivirus and all security, I uninstalled java, I cleaned my registry manually and via numerous cleaners, I tried in safe mode, I used javara to clean up things before trying, and everything always fails.  Bla!!!

If you’re tired of this continual nonsense, here’s a quick way to get Minecraft (with its java heart) up and going again (or at least to when the next java update comes out, which might fix everything … likely not).

Uninstall Java. (It may work without uninstalling, when i tried to update it, it uninstalled mine automatically before the failed update.  So I know this method works when it is uninstalled.  You can try it first installed and uninstall later if you have problems). 

Download a portable Java.  Go to portable apps and download their portable apps platform/manager (  I installed it onto my computer and not onto an USB.

Next, launch your portable apps platform and click apps and then click get more apps.  A window will pop up with all the great free software you can add, and it’s all portable (meaning, it doesn’t install into the windows registry – so, if you delete it, it’s gone and leaves no residuals).

Scroll down and select jPortable (a Java virtual machine made portable) and jPortable launcher (Run Java JARs portably).  Install.

Now click on JPortable launcher to run it.  It will ask you what to run.  By default, it will be selected to JAR files, change that to "All files" (bottom right side).  Then navigate to where you keep your minecraft.exe file.  Select it and press open.  Viola, Minecraft is now operational.  Good bye headaches!!!

If you have previously saved worlds or have modded minecraft out (from your older installed Java, not your new portable install), you will need to transfer those files from your old to your new location (copy from your user file/roaming file/minecraft) to your portable app minecraft location.



  1. There are no jPortable in the get more apps

    1. it is there still. i just double checked. get apps by category. in pop up, scroll down to utilities. utilities is in alphabetical order, so scroll down to the "j" section. peace :)