Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Build your own Bitdefender Security Suite ... For Free

This is not a daily giveaway article, but something far better.  How to build Bitdefender Total Security!!  For Free.

Bitdefender is a top antivirus company, the cream of the crop.  Their engine is arguably the best, with few contenders to challenge its effectiveness.  They have a very robust suite to protect your system, and its very effective (head over to to see the price).  We will make the closest thing we can, give or take a few pieces (abet, important ones ... but beggars can't be choosers).

Lets put it together:  (

1.     download bitdefender free antivirus.

Its the same award winning engine and the heart of their system, and super light on resources.  It finds all malware and spyware and seldom (if ever) bothers you with pop ups. 

2.     download bitdefender safepay.

This is part of their Total product.  It's a secured browser for online banking, shopping, etc.  It ensures protection from man-in-the-middle-attacks via secured, encrypted, connections, and isolates your browser from anything else on your computer (just incase you have a nasty Banking Trojan spying on you from within your computer).  And you can add it to the antivirus for free.

3.     download bitdefender trafficlight.

This is an exceptional browser protection extension.  It will rate sites, protect you from phishing and malware, scan links, blocks trackers, secures privacy, etc.  It does it all.  Not all browser protection extensions are equal, and this one does it all, and exceptionally.

4.     download bitdefender safego.

Ok, the first 3 I've used and they work great.  This one I've never tried.  But they offer it and its free.  It says its a facebook app to protect you from facebook related dangers:  ex. It says it can spot scams, etc.  I suspect this is redundant if you're using (1) their antirus and (3) trafficlight.  But maybe I'm off base and it'll add something to the mix.  Likely it will.

What are we missing
  •  Bitdefender's PC tuneup - alternative, ccleaner or wise registry cleaner. 
  • Bitdefender's 2 way firewall - alternative, many to choose from.  I recommend Private Firewall (runs nice and quiet without all the annoying popups ... just like bitdefenders.
  • Bitdefender's Wallet - alternative, lastpass.
  • Bitdefender's Antispam - alternative, Most email clients have built in spam protection.  ex. Thunderbird or Opera Mail.  So turn it on and start teaching it what spam is.
And there you have it, a decent aprox facsimile of Bitdefender Total Security.

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