Friday, 12 June 2015

Mr. T - Strength in God.

Hollywood is a spiritual wasteland and a distributor of moral decay.  So I am always pleasantly surprised when I see a man strong enough to proclaim God in these badlands. `Strong' is a good descriptor for Mr. T.  He is known for being a strongman.  I just never realized that his true strength was spiritual.  I used to love watching him on the A-Team.  I think it’s fair to state he has the best sneer in the business.  In fact, I’d give him an Academy Award for it.  Yet beneath his rough and gruff persona is an heart attuned to God.   

Monday, 8 June 2015

Google AdSense doesn't like me anymore. Alternatives? ... Bidvertiser, Chitika, etc tryouts.

Google AdSense doesn’t like me anymore.  We were once friends, but I did something to upset their algorithms.  I think `algorithms’ is just googles code for referring to their unseen overlords.  I suspect it’s a Dr. Who kinda thing, where the good Doctor would find that the Daleks (or some other evil alien presence) was secretly the mastermind and controlling factor behind some innocuous looking front organization.  Maybe, it’s more of a Terminator sort of thing, with an enlightened super computer controlling Googles operations (?).  Whatever the reason, the algorithms were offended.  Oops.  And apparently, if they told me why, they’d have to kill me (why else would they withhold that information from me?).  Seeing as I don’t want to die, I’ve chosen to live in a grey shroud of ignorance concerning this subject matter (luckily for me, I’m really good at that).  Dr. Who has taught me that this route maximizes my personal survival:  For whenever someone meets the Daleks, the Daleks meat them.