Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How to run Minecraft when Java update fails (1603 or some stupid error)

I’ve had this problem the last 2 times I’ve updated my java run time environment.  And both times was a serious headache.  First, it wouldn’t update through java itself.  Second, I went to java and tried their installer … which failed.  Third, I downloaded their offline versions (both for 32 and 64 bit) and tried multiple times to install … and always the same, it failed to install.  I disabled my antivirus and all security, I uninstalled java, I cleaned my registry manually and via numerous cleaners, I tried in safe mode, I used javara to clean up things before trying, and everything always fails.  Bla!!!

If you’re tired of this continual nonsense, here’s a quick way to get Minecraft (with its java heart) up and going again (or at least to when the next java update comes out, which might fix everything … likely not).

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Build your own Bitdefender Security Suite ... For Free

This is not a daily giveaway article, but something far better.  How to build Bitdefender Total Security!!  For Free.

Bitdefender is a top antivirus company, the cream of the crop.  Their engine is arguably the best, with few contenders to challenge its effectiveness.  They have a very robust suite to protect your system, and its very effective (head over to to see the price).  We will make the closest thing we can, give or take a few pieces (abet, important ones ... but beggars can't be choosers).